CPQ & Pricing Developer


Embark on a transformative journey as an Implementation Consultant, immersing yourself in the realm of cutting-edge technologies and laying the foundation for a thriving career in software development, particularly in the niche market of CPQ solutions. You'll commence your professional path alongside a talented group of colleagues, undergoing comprehensive training across multiple software products. This immersive learning experience will equip you to confidently support clients across diverse industries, including implementations for some of the world's largest corporations.


• Collaborate closely with customers and internal teams to discuss project status, plan work, understand requirements, resolve issues, and address queries effectively.
• Develop comprehensive design documents to specify solutions and capture insights from customer interactions, ensuring alignment with project goals and business objectives.
• Configure software solutions aligned with customer requirements based on solution designs and best practices, leveraging your expertise in CPQ methodologies and technical configurations.
• Assist the leadership team in managing internal project processes, keeping projects within scope, budget, and timelines, demonstrating strong organizational and project management skills.
• Create demo environments for customer presentations and provide user training on software capabilities, fostering customer confidence and ensuring seamless adoption of solutions.
• Work alongside domain experts to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues, utilizing your problem-solving skills and technical expertise to deliver optimal outcomes.
• Deliver tailored software solutions that drive customer success, exceeding expectations and contributing to long-lasting client relationships.
• Support customers through various project milestones, including kickoff, configuration verification, and acceptance testing, ensuring project success at every stage.
• Contribute to internal initiatives aimed at enhancing the organization and supporting your colleagues' development, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.


• Strong analytical and business acumen, along with problem-solving skills, enabling you to effectively assess customer needs, analyze data, and develop innovative solutions.
• Effective communication and relationship-building abilities, fostering open communication channels, building trust with clients, and maintaining strong relationships with colleagues.
• Interest in both business strategy and technology, allowing you to bridge the gap between technical expertise and business understanding, contributing to strategic decision-making.
• Basic understanding of SQL or similar database query languages, enabling you to extract relevant data and insights for informed decision-making.
• Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, physics, or related fields, demonstrating a strong foundation in technical concepts and problem-solving methodologies. Applicants with backgrounds in finance or business administration are also encouraged to apply, bringing a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

• Master's degree in computer science, engineering, physics, or related fields, providing a deeper understanding of technical concepts and advanced problem-solving techniques.
• Familiarity with CRM, Pricing and/or Revenue Management concepts, enhancing your ability to grasp the complexities of revenue management and develop effective pricing strategies.
• Ability to present ideas and concepts verbally and in writing to diverse audiences, effectively communicating technical information and solutions to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
• Basic knowledge of scripting languages such as Java, C#, Python, or equivalent, enabling you to extend solutions through scripting and automation.
• Understanding of Rest APIs and experience in coding and building interfaces, allowing you to integrate with external systems and enhance solution capabilities.
• Experience in dataset development and analysis, with a solid grasp of data flows and processes, enabling you to extract meaningful insights from data and inform decision-making.
• Knowledge of ERP or CRM systems, providing a broader understanding of enterprise software solutions and their integration with other systems.
• Fluency in Swedish or another Nordic language, expanding your reach and ability to serve clients in diverse regions.

Beneficial Qualifications:

• Exposure to CPQ and Pricing domains, providing a deeper understanding of the niche and its specific challenges and opportunities.
• Opportunities to work with global enterprises, gaining valuable experience in the complexities of international business operations and cross-cultural collaboration.
• Collaboration in international teams, enhancing your adaptability, cross-cultural communication skills, and ability to work effectively in diverse environments.
• Experience in integrating various platforms, including REST, SOAP, and third-party solutions, demonstrating your proficiency in connecting disparate systems and building comprehensive solutions.
• Familiarity with Agile working environments and tools like Salesforce DX, Jira, Copado, and more, enabling you to seamlessly adapt to modern development methodologies and contribute to efficient project execution

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