CPQ & Pricing Developer

CPQ and Pricing Software Engineer

As a Software engineer in cpq and pricing, you will build skills in market-leading technologies to come
Take your career in development to the next level and give yourself an attractive niche in the marketplace. You will start your journey with a group of colleagues and get trained in different cloud solutions before you get placed on a project where you will help customers in different industries with implementations for some of the world's largest companies.

It is important that you are a customer-oriented contributing member of our senior team. We are looking for someone with strong foundations in problem solving  who can learn to develop in the various cloud solutions primarily through configuration, but also with coding and APIs.

The role has many possible orientations, which is why we are open for different backgrounds. You can choose to become a more technical or business oriented consultant according to your ability and what you feel comfortable with.

You are expected to become a system developer who can listen to customer needs, collect thenecessary requirements and make judgments based on reality; This role is a mix between a BusinessAnalyst and a System Administrator.

This role suits a newly graduated engineeror MBA student but also more experienced doctoral student with relevant experience.
Senior mentorship will be available within the organization all the way to ensure you learn the necessary skills quickly and develop well within your role.

The Role & Responsibilities:

  • Meet with customers and internal team to discuss status, planning, understand requirements, solve problems and answer questions
  • Develop design documents to specify, buildsolutions and obtain structure from the customer interactions
  • Configure solutions that suit the customer's needs in relation to the developed solution-oriented design and other best practices - includes simpler problem solving to technical configuration, troubleshooting and testing of Configurations
  • Support the leadership team with internal project processes to keep the project within the time frame, as well as the budget, through reports and time estimates
  • Create demo environment for customer presentations and train users in software
  • Work with other experts at the customer to find solutions to various problems
  • Deliver solutions that support customersuccess
  • Support the customer through projectmilestones, kickoffs, configurations and acceptance testing by arrangingmeetings, validating solutions and leading small workshops where you train thecustomer on your and the team's solutions
  • Contribute to internal initiatives outside of your role to improve the company and support the development of your colleagues

Key Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Advanced understanding of analytical/business concepts, as well as problem solving
  • Comfortable in communicating and building business relationships
  • Interest in both business strategy and technology
  • Basic understanding of SQL or other database languages
  • Education in Systems Development, Computer Engineering, Physics but we also encourage people with a background in finance or business development to apply
  • StrongEnglish language skills
  • Basic understanding of Java, C#, Python or similar

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Master's degree in Systems Development, Computer Engineering, Physics
  • Understanding of pricing and/or revenue management
  • Demonstrate and present verbally and in writing to stakeholders
  • Understanding of Rest APIs, the ability to code and build interfaces
  • Experience in developing and analyzing datasets and understanding data flows and Processes
  • Understanding of ERP or CRM systems
  • Speak Swedish or another Nordic language fluently

Beneficial Skills & Experience:

  • Experience with CPQ
  • Experience at Enterprise level
  • Experience working in international teams
  • Integration experience including REST, SOAP, and 3rd party
  • Experience working in modern Agile environments with applications such as Salesforce DX, Jira, Copado etc.

Next Steps:

We are actively interviewing and looking to move forward with candidates. So if you feel like this could be a good fit for this role, then please apply today.
ArticulateIT is expanding rapidly, and we are always interested in talking to people who are ambitious to succeed in the IT, CRM and CPQ world.

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