Salesforce Business Analyst


As a Salesforce Business Analyst, you will play a pivotal role in delivering tailored business solutions and design recommendations for our customers. You will serve as a trusted advisor to our clients and partners, leveraging your expertise in Customer software functionality and implementations. Your responsibilities will encompass system configuration, documentation, training, and support, ensuring a seamless implementation and post-go-live experience for our customers.


• Develop and deliver system configuration and comprehensive documentation to support implementations.
• Act as a valuable application/training/support resource during implementation and post-go-live phases, addressing customer inquiries and providing guidance.
• Identify and deliver quantifiable business value that aligns with the customer's objectives, demonstrating the tangible impact of implemented solutions.
• Contribute to exceptional customer satisfaction by providing timely and functional solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.
• Collaborate closely with functional, industry, and technical specialists to assist with the implementation and integration of innovative solutions, including methods, techniques, tools, change management strategies, and training programs.
• Effectively interact with multiple disciplines within customer organizations, such as business development, product management, and development, fostering strong relationships and aligning efforts.
• Ensure that product configuration adheres to the defined solution design recommendations, maintaining consistency and optimal functionality.


Possess a strong aptitude for analytical and business concepts, demonstrating the ability to grasp complex business challenges and formulate effective solutions.
• Exhibit excellent communication skills, enabling you to interact confidently with customers, partners, and team members, conveying technical information and business strategy clearly and concisely.
• Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, managing multiple tasks simultaneously while collaborating effectively with others.
• Establish and maintain positive relationships with individuals at all levels of an organization, both externally and internally, in sales and implementation engagements.
• Proficiently communicate business strategy and technical information verbally and in writing to diverse audiences, including customers, partners, and stakeholders.
• Possess experience interacting with internal and external customers to understand data flow, processes, and business requirements.
• Hold a BS/BA degree, preferably with a concentration in computer science, information systems, data analytics, math, statistics, finance, economics, engineering, or business administration.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

Demonstrate proficiency in communication skills, effectively conveying ideas and information to various audiences.
• Maintain a high degree of professionalism in all interactions, upholding the company's values and reputation.
• Exhibit exceptional time management and priority setting skills, effectively managing multiple tasks and meeting deadlines under pressure.
• Demonstrate a strong commitment to quality, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and adherence to best practices in all deliverables.
• Possess flexibility to adapt to a fast-paced, dynamic environment, embracing change and learning new concepts readily.
• Actively seek opportunities to acquire knowledge in your area of specialty, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
• Maintain a high level of thoroughness and dependability, ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and on time.
• Demonstrate a high level of accuracy, even under pressure, upholding data integrity and ensuring the success of implemented solutions.
• Exhibit a service-oriented attitude and provide exceptional customer service, fostering positive relationships with clients and partners.

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