Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer


Embrace the dynamic world of data-driven marketing as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer at Articulate IT, where technology innovation and marketing excellence converge. Your technical expertise will be instrumental in shaping solution architecture, design, and development initiatives within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. If you're passionate about technology and driven to elevate marketing strategies, this opportunity is for you.


• As the go-to Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert, translate complex functional requirements into practical solutions, ensuring seamless alignment with client objectives.
• Collaborate closely with Solution Architects, Project Managers, and Scrum Masters to transform refined requirements into actionable engineering options. Provide accurate development time estimates during sprint planning sessions.
• Partner with cross-functional team members to create solutions that align with client business needs and user stories, fostering a collaborative and results-oriented approach.
• Conduct thorough unit tests, engage in meticulous code reviews, and oversee production deployments to guarantee the successful implementation of solutions.
• Leverage your strong QA process experience to maintain the highest quality standards and adherence to industry best practices.
• Take ownership of the solution's quality and performance, ensuring optimal functionality and continuous improvement.
• Collaborate with fellow developers and testers, cultivating a collaborative environment where solutions are defect-free and exceed customer expectations.
• Actively participate in key client meetings, including requirement sessions, system demos, user acceptance testing, and end-user training. Provide valuable technical support and guidance, ensuring a seamless transition for clients.


• Hands-on experience with enterprise CRM platforms, including executing cross-channel, data-driven campaigns within the tools themselves.
• Proven proficiency in Email Studio, Journey Builder, MobileConnect, and the ability to seamlessly integrate these components within Salesforce CRM.
• Strong command of SQL and advanced AMPScript knowledge, enabling data-driven marketing excellence and the ability to extract meaningful insights from data.
• A demonstrable track record in concept-to-launch solution design and the execution of multi-channel direct marketing/CRM programs.
• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, efficiently managing multiple projects and initiatives simultaneously.
• Exceptional communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to build strong relationships and foster a collaborative spirit within cross-functional teams.
• Comprehensive knowledge of CRM technology infrastructure, understanding how various tools, services, and functionalities integrate to drive data-driven marketing strategies.
• Fluency in both Swedish and English, facilitating effective communication within an international team and enhancing your ability to serve clients across diverse regions.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

• Experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Studio, expanding your ability to design and implement complex marketing automation workflows.
• Familiarity with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Studio, enabling you to create and manage targeted audience segments for personalized marketing campaigns.
• Exposure to Salesforce Integration, empowering you to connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud with other enterprise applications and data sources.
• Knowledge of data warehousing and data analytics tools, allowing you to analyze marketing data and gain actionable insights for campaign optimization.
• Experience with Agile methodologies and tools, such as Salesforce DX, Jira, and Copado, ensuring your ability to contribute effectively to modern software development practices.

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