Salesforce Technical Architect


As a Salesforce Technical Architect, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the technical direction of Salesforce implementations, leading the development and deployment of large-scale enterprise solutions. You will possess a deep understanding of Salesforce technologies and methodologies, translating business requirements into scalable and performant solutions. Your expertise will extend to mentoring and coaching junior technical members, fostering their growth and contributing to a culture of continuous learning within the team.


• Effectively communicate technical topics to individuals with varying technical backgrounds, ensuring seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.
• Grasp the purpose of the solution from a business standpoint, aligning technical implementation with organizational goals and objectives.
• Bridge the gap between business stakeholders and development teams, facilitating effective communication and aligning expectations throughout the project lifecycle.
• Translate business requirements into detailed technical specifications, ensuring that the solution aligns with the client's needs and objectives.
• Support sales during the pre-sales phase, providing technical expertise and guiding the sales team in understanding the project requirements.
• Develop an end-to-end solution plan, encompassing requirements analysis, design, implementation, and deployment phases.
• Lead the technical team as the technical lead for the project, ensuring that technical aspects are addressed effectively throughout the project lifecycle.
• Collaborate with the project manager to ensure smooth project execution and adherence to timelines and budget.
• Proactively identify and mitigate project risks, ensuring that potential challenges are addressed early on.
• Create high-level data flow/integration diagrams, providing a clear visualization of the solution architecture and data movements.
• Participate in workshops with consultants and business stakeholders, providing valuable recommendations and contributing to the development of innovative solutions.


• Extensive experience in building and designing integrations using REST/SOAP/Batch/Websockets, demonstrating proficiency in integrating Salesforce with external systems.
• Strong understanding of data modeling concepts and tools, enabling the creation of efficient and scalable data structures.
• Expertise in Git version control system, ensuring the organization and management of code changes throughout the development lifecycle.
• Proficient in JavaScript, enabling the development of custom scripts and functionalities within Salesforce applications.
• Ability to grasp software development concepts and underlying software design patterns, demonstrating a solid foundation in software development principles.
• Familiarity with tools for creating and documenting complex solution designs, ensuring clear communication of technical specifications.
• Excellent communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

• Some years of Salesforce development experience, demonstrating hands-on experience with Salesforce technologies and methodologies.
• Proficiency in Node.Js, enabling the development of server-side applications and integrations.
• Experience with Heroku/AWS/Azure cloud platforms, showcasing your ability to deploy and manage Salesforce solutions in cloud environments.
• Contributions to any open Github project, demonstrating your passion for open-source development and commitment to sharing knowledge.
• Working proficiency in the local language, ensuring effective communication with clients and stakeholders in their native tongue.

Ideal Candidate:

• Possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills, enabling effective identification and resolution of technical challenges.
• Demonstrates leadership qualities, motivating and guiding team members towards achieving project goals.
• Maintains a proactive approach, anticipating potential issues and taking initiative to prevent disruptions.
• Eager to learn and adapt, continuously expanding their knowledge and embracing new technologies.
• Passionate about technology and driven to create innovative solutions that enhance business processes.

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