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IT Management

ASSA Abloy wanted to improve their IT system, engaging us to help them implement a new one for their Scandinavian operations, initially for alignment but evolving into a comprehensive IT landscape. Explore the success story now!


Assa Abloy


July 15, 2022


IT Management

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Cultivating Success: Transforming ASSA Abloy's ERP Landscape with Precision and Collaboration

Background and Problem:

ASSA ABLOY embarked on a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing their IT system, with a primary focus on Scandinavia. What began as an effort to align IT systems soon evolved into a comprehensive transformation of their IT landscape.

This ambitious project represented a pivotal moment in ASSA ABLOY's commitment to technological excellence. The goal was not only to streamline existing IT processes but also to establish a robust and future-ready digital foundation that would propel the organization into the next era of innovation and efficiency.


Our Solution:

We established a well-defined governance model comprising three layers: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational. This clarified the roles and responsibilities among IT, Business, and other stakeholders, promoting effective communication and decision-making. To improve performance, we introduced key performance indicators (KPIs) for Incident, Change, and Problem management. These metrics identified gaps and guided improvement actions for IT vendors. The collaboration between IT and Business improved noticeably, fostering a culture of inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. We also initiated automation projects to streamline testing processes, boosting efficiency, and allowing users to focus more on their daily tasks.


End result:

Fast forward to the present, the situation has significantly improved for ASSA Abloy. All workstream are efficient, with only minor backlogs. The IT teams are skilled and adept at managing the system. Our automated testing procedures run seamlessly across all workstreams. However, the real success story lies in the deep trust that has developed between the technical and business aspects of the organization. This newfound synergy is the driving force behind their success.